Listening is an activity, an active skill. ‘I really hear you’ is a very powerful message.

It’s a great sign of respect for the other person.

Relationships aren’t just about authority. They’re about understanding, respect, emotional capital.

Many of us understand a bit about body language and its significance in conversation and we try to use it to ensure better communication. But what’s the point of setting an attentive body pose if you’re only half listening, rushing ahead to get your next comment ready or wondering if you turned the iron off?

Attentive listening is a developed skill which needs constant management and maintenance. There are lots of techniques; one useful one is every now-and-again to repeat back to the other person a phrase they’ve used, or to summarize a key point to check that you’ve grasped it as intended.

Careful listening helps you get across key messages first go, and builds the emotional capital between you and others. It require some patience!