Most people measure their value to the business by the time they devote to it. Do you?

Lots of people don’t have a life outside their work.

Be honest with yourself; is either of these you?

Break a habit. Set an example. Go home early. Regularly.

If you’re addicted to work, look at the why first. No addiction is healthy. Then make a long-term commitment to change; remember that habits don’t break overnight. As George Bernard Shaw observed, entrenched habits have to be ‘coached downstairs gradually, and shut outside’.

The unfair add-on of a boss who spends 60 hours per week at the office is that most of their staff feel that’s how they have to show their value. So you mightn’t care enough about your home life but your example is taking away from the value of their home lives.

Talk about working with passion, working with diligence, not working ‘hard’. Hard sounds hard and should not be encouraged as a currency, swapped over children’s footie matches or time at the gym.

Give your staff a big surprise. Start talking about their value being their output not their hours per week. Start going home early occasionally, even if ‘early’ means before 6.00pm.